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40 Best Websites For Filmmakers

April 23rd, 2015 by RVNA Production Insurance

There are thousands of websites out there for filmmakers. Some of them are a waste of your time, while others offer a wide-range of services and resources. From the visionaries at the New York Film Academy, we have listed the 40 best websites for all filmmakers.

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Association of Film Commissioners International – With over 300 Film Commissions on six continents, there’s almost always an AFCI member office nearby to help you navigate local laws, customs and procedures.

Art of the Guillotine – Online film community for film editors. Connect editors and future editors with ideas and techniques that make films great as well as connect them with each other.

BIGSTAR Movies – The site offers distribution, networking and a monthly short film contest.

Baseline Intelligence – The service provides a variety of pre-packaged reports on popular topics for movie producers, independent filmmakers, corporate financiers, and other entertainment entities.

Cinely – A global network of filmmakers and production companies, helping to produce video and connect talent with brands, artists, and non-profits.

Cinephilia and Beyond – A fantastic collection of resources on all things cinema: screenplays, interviews, videos grouped around themes, films or directors.

Creative Cow – An excellent source of info on video production, with a lot of professionals and production experts hanging out in the comments and ready to answer any question you may have.

Drop.io – Use drop.io to privately share your files and collaborate, thinks screenplays, film productions and animations, in real time by web, email, phone, mobile, and more.

Detonation Films – Detonation Films is dedicated to putting the fun back in film making by establishing a new paradigm between digital media and online entertainment. And also by blowing stuff up.

DVcreators – Training and resources for digital video makers.

DVXuser – An online community for film making.

Earth Protect – With over 2,000 videos online about things you care about. You can start a blog, forum or find you favorite non-profit.

ExploreTalent – Auditions and job listing board.

Filmmakers Alliance – Helping independent filmmakers achieve their goals since 1993.

Filmmaker IQ – As well as technical tutorials and guides on the process of film making, Filmmaker IQ explores the ‘whys’ of film making just as much as the ‘hows’.

Film Riot – Ryan Connolly’s critically acclaimed tutorial site which provides a fresh and funny take on film making how-tos.

Freesound – A collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.

Go Into the Story – Given that telling stories lies at the very heart of film making, this is essential reading.

Hollywood OmniBook – From agents to extras to screenplays for sale, the Hollywood OmniBook is your one stop source for connecting with Hollywood.

IMDb – The “Internet Movide Database” says it all.

IDA – The International Documentary Association is the ultimate authority on all things related to documentary film making.

IndieTalk – An excellent platform for indie producers to chat shop and share tips, tricks and tales from the field

IndieWire – Geared towards both indie fans as well as indie filmmakers

InkTip – Find good screenplays and professional writers. Access is free to qualified producers, directors, agents, managers, and name actors.

John August – Useful information about screenwriting.

Mandy.com – International TV and film production resources.

Making Of – Natalie Portman interviews industry professionals on filmmaking.

MovieMaker Magazine – The nation’s leading magazine on the art and business of making movies and the world’s most widely read independent movie magazine.

nofilmschool – Posts the latest tutorials, interviews, short films, and gears news to help all visitors become better filmmakers — “no film school” required.

ProductionHub – The Community search site for film, television, video, live event and digital media production.

Post Lab – The Post Lab is a good port of call for indie filmmakers looking for advice and tips on post production.

reTooled – Ever needed tutorial-style advice on Premiere Pro or After Effects, or wanted to streamline your production workflow? reTooled is the place for you.

Script Mag – One of the largest online communities for writers and filmmaker alike.

Student Filmmakers– Searchable community of filmmakers – both new-and-emerging and professional – talents in the film and video industries.

The Awardeo Company – Awardeo runs a weekly competition and is a great way to increase engagement and grow an audience.

The Film Collaborative – If you’ve completed your film or getting close to it, check out the Film Collaborative for help on how to best distribute your film and find an audience.

Tom Cruise’s Blog – That’s right, Tom Cruise has put out a surprisingly brilliant list of resources over on his personal blog (or, at least, his team has). Although the list is mainly geared towards actors, there’s plenty of crossover here.

Videomaker – One of the earliest filmmaking magazines still going strong after nearly 30 years, now fully digitized.

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